Maybe you’ve never thought much about knots. You’ve never needed to… until now. Now you’re left wondering, “how do I create knots? Where do I start?”

Knots can be valuable tools for many activities. Have you ever wanted to try rock climbing? What about boating or horseback riding? You’ll need to know how to tie knots. Knots can even be helpful around the house or while doing yard work.

Imagine you’re walking into your first rock climbing class. Your instructor’s going to teach you how to tie simple knots. Knots are your lifeline in rock climbing. The right knot can save your life if you fall and make it easier to scale a mountain. Having the right rope can also save your life and cushion you when you fall.

The best advice we can give you is to do your research. Find out what kinds of knots and ropes you’ll need in your area of interest. Then, learn how to tie those knots and work with them. Doing so will make your activities easier, safer, and more enjoyable.

The Knots Manual Team


Oscar Brumelis — Hiking Enthusiast

Oscar is a freelance writer who writes about traveling, hiking, and the outdoors. In his free time, he enjoys trekking in the mountains and camping in remote areas all across Europe.

His interest in knots comes from camping. Knowing various knots is helpful for setting up tarps, tents, and in other survival situations. It’s especially useful for setting up makeshift shelters, which he loves to do in the thick forests of his home country Latvia.

Ilze Brumele — Macrame Enthusiast

Ilze has a passion for making handcrafted things. Here at TheKnotsManual, she writes articles and films videos about the wonderful art of macrame.

She started by experimenting with various crotcheting projects in her free time. Over time, she also started getting familiar with knitting and macrame because a lot of knots used there are very similar. During the past few years, she has become an expert in crocheting, knitting, and macrame.

In her free time, she also likes to spend time outdoors – whether it’s a short walk with her dog or a long-distance hike in the mountains.


Kaylee Keech — Outdoor Enthusiast & Knot Hobbyist

Kaylee is a content creator and copywriter who has taken an interest in the creation of knots and their uses. 

She graduated from Millersville University in 2020 with a BS in biology and a BA in science writing.

Kaylee first gained an interest in knots when she began crocheting. Many of the knots used in crochet are similar to those used in other industries. Once she started learning simple knots and stitches, she thought it would be interesting to learn other common knots.

She is also a big outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hiking and kayaking. You never know when ropes and knots can come in handy when you’re in the woods or on the water. Her desire to explore nature has driven her to learn about knots and how they can make her experiences safer and more enjoyable.

Sahar Achouch — Graphic Designer

Sahar Achouch is a graphic designer from Iasi, Romania. Sahar graduated as a surface pattern designer seven years ago from the National University of Arts “George Enescu” in Iasi and has worked as a graphic designer and illustrator since then.

Most of Sahar’s work can be found in the pattern design field. Sahar is a creative person, positive, sociable, and able to adapt to any situation.

In their free time, Sahar enjoys traveling, cooking, going to the gym, and meditating.

Sahar Achouch

Stefan TheKnotsManual-CEO

Stefan Gheorghe — CEO

Fuelled by a deep passion for knots, Stefan Gheorghe, the CEO of Homedit.com, has embarked on a new venture focused on educating and empowering individuals in the art of knot tying.


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