Kaylee Keech — Outdoor Enthusiast & Knot Hobbyist

Kaylee Keech

Kaylee is a content creator and copywriter who has taken an interest in the creation of knots and their uses. 

She graduated from Millersville University in 2020 with a BS in biology and a BA in science writing.

Kaylee first gained an interest in knots when she began crocheting. Many of the knots used in crochet are similar to those used in other industries. Once she started learning simple knots and stitches, she thought it would be interesting to learn other common knots.

She is also a big outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hiking and kayaking. You never know when ropes and knots can come in handy when you’re in the woods or on the water. Her desire to explore nature has driven her to learn about knots and how they can make her experiences safer and more enjoyable.

Expertise: Tying knots, macrame, and crochet.

Education: Millersville University of Pennsylvania.

Location: Highspire, Pennsylvania, United States.

Title: Freelance writer and crafter.

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