How to Tie the Murrell Tie Knot

The Murrell Tie Knot is identical to the popular Windsor Tie Knot, only tied with the narrow end in the front. It creates a unique look that is sure to gather attention.

Quick Guide: Tying the Murrell Tie Knot

To tie the Murrell tie knot, lay out the tie on your neck with the wide end sitting at the desired length, just above your belt buckle, with the stitch-side facing down. Place the narrow over the wide end (step 1).

Pass the narrow end around the wide end (step 2). Now pass it behind the wide end sideways (step 3) and around the other side of the knot (steps 4-5). Pass it again sideways, but this time in front of the knot (step 6). Now wrap it around the other side of the knot (step 7). Finally, go through the sideways loop formed in front to finish the Murrell Tie Knot (steps 8-10).

Tip: While tying the knot, keep all the turns tightened, except the last one made in step 7. This will make it easier to tighten the knot.

murrell tie knot

About the Murrell Tie Knot

The Murrell Tie Knot was invented by Brent Murrell. It’s in fact identical to the Windsor Tie Knot, only tied the other way around – with the narrow end.

The main idea behind it is to use it as a statement. For example, you can wear it to your office to stand out from your overly-formal colleagues. Or you can wear it to a formal event to impress others.

It creates a triangular, symmetrical knot. It’s very wide, but not as bulky as the regular Windsor Knot because it’s tied with the narrow end.

The Murrell Tie Knot looks best with wide-collar shirts because of how wide it is. It also looks good with narrow ties and ones that are made from thinner materials.

Its only downside is that it is somewhat difficult to tie and dress in a way that looks neat and compact.

Knots Like the Murrell Tie Knot

Full Windsor Tie Knot: Tied identically to the Murrell Tie Knot. It’s one of the bulkiest and widest tie knots with a classic look. It’s usually worn with wide-collar shirts and thinner ties.

Half Windsor Tie Knot: A smaller version of the Windsor Tie Knot. It’s also very triangular and symmetrical, only slightly smaller. Another bonus is that it’s also easier to tie. It’s one of the most popular tie knots because it can be used for any occasion.

Balthus Tie Knot: An even larger and more difficult tie knot than the Full Windsor Tie Knot. It has a very wide profile, a triangular shape, and is perfectly symmetrical.

Pratt Tie Knot: Creates a medium-sized, triangular tie knot. It’s easy to tie, and it has a slightly smaller profile than the Half Windsor Knot.

Step-By-Step Guide: How to Tie the Murrell Tie Knot

murrell tie knot

A step-by-step guide on how to tie the Murrell Tie Knot.

Step 1:

murrell tie knot step 1

Lay out your tie around your neck with the stitch side hidden. Adjust it so that the wide end sits near your belt buckle. Place the narrow end over the wide end.

Step 2:

murrell tie knot step 2

Wrap the narrow end around the wide end.

Step 3:

murrell tie knot step 3

Pass the narrow end behind the wide end sideways.

Step 4:

murrell tie knot step 4

Now pass it over the knot from the other side.

Step 5:

murrell tie knot step 5

Pass it behind the knot, exiting on the same side.

Step 6:

murrell tie knot step 6

Now pass it over the knot sideways.

Step 7:

murrell tie knot step 7

Pass it behind the knot from the other side.

Step 8:

murrell tie knot step 8

Pass the narrow end through the front sideways loop.

Step 9:

murrell tie knot step 9

Pull the end down.

Step 10:

murrell tie knot step 10

Tighten and dress to finish the Murrell Tie Knot.

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