How to Tie an Offshore Swivel Knot

The Offshore Swivel Knot is a common offshore fishing knot that attaches a double fishing line to a swivel. It’s usually used with heavy lines and large swivels. A lot of times, a Bimini Twist is used in combination with the Offshore Swivel to create a double line.

Quick Guide: Tying an Offshore Swivel Knot

To tie the Offshore Swivel Knot, first create a double line with a Bimini Twist or a similar knot.

Then pass it through the eye of the swivel and fold it back over the line (steps 1-2). Spread out the formed loop, and pass the swivel through it and back to complete one full turn (step 3). In total, you should do 3-7 turns, depending on the thickness of the line (step 4). For thicker lines, do fewer turns.

To tighten it, first, lubricate the knot with water or saliva. Then pull on both ends of the line to slide it close to the swivel (step 5).

Offshore Swivel Knot Step by step

Pros and Cons of the Offshore Swivel Knot

The main advantage of the Offshore Swivel Knot is that it is a very secure knot. It’s said to have a higher breaking strength than the main line because it’s formed on a double line. It’s often used to catch very heavy offshore fish with heavy lines and advanced setups.

The offshore Swivel Knot is also a very easy knot to tie. You can tie it easily even in freezing weather while wearing gloves.

Knots Like the Offshore Swivel Knot

Bimini Twist: A fishing knot that’s very commonly used next to the Offshore Swivel Knot. It creates a double-line leader, which then is sometimes connected to a swivel via an Offshore Swivel Knot.

Improved Clinch Knot: A simple and strong fishing knot used to attach fishing lines to swivels, lures, rings, and hooks. Works with all types of fishing lines.

Palomar Knot: A strong fishing knot that works very well with braided lines. It’s used to attach to swivels, lures, hooks, and rings.

Perfection Loop Knot: Another popular fishing knot that’s used to attach to swivels. It creates a loop that tightens as you pull on it.

Albright Special Knot: A very strong fishing knot that connects two fishing lines. Also commonly used in deep-water offshore fishing.

Step-By-Step Guide: How to Tie an Offshore Swivel Knot

Offshore Swivel Knot

A step-by-step guide on how to tie an Offshore Swivel Knot.

Step 1:

Offshore Swivel Knot Step 1

Fold the fishing line in half and pass it through the eye of the swivel.

Step 2:

Offshore Swivel Knot Step 2

Fold the bight over the fishing line and spread the formed loop out in the middle, as illustrated above.

Step 3:

Offshore Swivel Knot Step 3

Pass the swivel through the center of the loop.

Step 4:

Offshore Swivel Knot Step 4

Keep turning it 3-7 times in total.

Step 5:

Offshore Swivel Knot Step 5

Before you attempt tightening it, lubricate the knot with saliva or water. Then tighten it using both hands, carefully sliding the knot closer to the swivel.

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